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Sewer Lift Stations, Specialty Sheeting and Shoring, Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants and Water Booster Pump Station Construction and Upgrades, & Budget Estimates and Value Engineering

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New Sewer Lift Stations

Specializing in turn-key construction of new sewage pump stations of all sizes, depths and types.  Our experience with a variety of designs including submersible, flooded suction, and suction lift pumps allows us to provide and install all materials and equipment including pumps, generators, transfer switches, SCADA systems, and electrical gear and wiring.  We are capable of building cast-in-place reinforced concrete wet wells in addition to fiberglass and precast concrete and can provide an engineered design for structures when needed.

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Existing Sewer Lift Stations

We provide bypass pumping and monitoring of sewer while upgrading or replacing existing sewage pump stations.  Typical upgrades include pump and control replacement, pump impeller replacement, pipe and valve replacement, and concrete repair and hydrogen sulfide-resistant coating of wet wells and manholes.  All of our crews are confined space certified and have proper safety equipment to work in hazardous locations at all times.  Our experts can assist with design to minimize the duration and cost of bypass pumping during construction.


Specialty Sheeting and Shoring

We specialize in deep excavations and 

excavations in tight quarters and have experience installing sheet piles with hydraulic bracing, slide-rail systems, and engineer designed composite shoring systems.  We can install well pointing systems to dewater any excavation as well as pile driving and aerial creek crossings for sewer lines.

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Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants

Our services include turn-key construction of packaged wastewater treatment plants including tertiary treatment systems and drip or spray irrigation discharge systems.  We perform water filter repairs including underdrain repair and replacement, media and nozzle replacement, and pump, pipe and valve replacement.  We also provide and install chemical feed systems and UV disinfection systems for both water and wastewater treatment plants.


Water Booster Pump Stations

End-to-end construction of new water booster pump stations including buildings, pumps, pipe and valves, controls, and electrical.  Our installations include horizontal split case and vertical turbine pumps of all sizes and we provide advanced control systems with VFDs and SCADA.  We also provide and install altitude valves and piping for elevated water storage tanks.

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Budget Estimates & Value Engineering

Curated budget estimates for both design engineers and developers for sewage pump stations.  We will size wet wells, pumps, piping, generators, and electrical systems based on the approximate size of new developments and provide budget pricing accordingly.  We work hand in hand with design engineers and municipalities up front during the design phase to save money during construction and minimize future maintenance costs and also partner with engineers and owners to do design-build construction projects

“Lancaster County Water & Sewer District (LCWSD) has been using James E. Harris Construction for nearly two decades for almost all of our new sewer pump stations that have been added to our system. LCWSD has been pleased with the exceptional work and quality of work from John Harris and his team. JEH Construction has been very professional and they understand the needs of the end user, when it comes to providing a pump station that can be operated with little to no issues upon completion. We are thankful to have a trusted and experienced contractor like JEH Construction for our pump station needs in Lancaster County!”

- James Hawthorne, Development Engineer, LCWSD

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